Respite Care

Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge is passionate about keeping animals together with their families.

Respite means, “to relieve temporarily, especially from anything distressing or trying; give an interval of relief from”  Our goal is to relieve the owner of the stress associated with having to surrender their animal while they are in crisis by providing an alternative solution. We will care for the animal until the they are able to resume responsibility for them again.

Surrender An Animal

Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge believes that we are here to help people in need without judgement.  We will take owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis.

If you have adopted from a rescue or shelter you must contact them first as most animal welfare organizations have a clause in the contract mandating that any animal must be returned to the original rescue.

There are many amazing rescues that currently operate in the Thunder Bay area who will take owner surrenders and we prefer that you contact one of them prior to contacting us.

Please complete the appropriate animal surrender form for our consideration.

Adopt An Animal

As much as our passion is to keep pet families together, circumstances do arise that prevent this from happening. Therefore, some of the animals we take into our care will be available for adoption.

To adopt an animal from Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge you must have an approved application and home visit.

Foster An Animal

“My heart breaks a little every time so that theirs does not have to anymore”

A foster home is a short-term safe haven for a rescued animal.  A rescued animal could be in care due to medical reasons, owner crisis, or they are not quite ready to be adopted. 

Boarding An Animal

At this time Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge is limited in their abilities to board animals.  Fees will be dependent on the needs of the animal.