Dog Respite Care

Dog Respite Care

Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge is passionate about keeping animals together with their families.

Respite means, “to relieve temporarily, especially from anything distressing or trying; give an interval of relief from”  Our goal is to relieve the owner of the stress associated with having to surrender their animal while they are in crisis by providing an alternative solution. We will care for the animal until the they are able to resume responsibility for them again.

Rehoming is a very stressful experience for animals.  To minimize their anxiety, depression, and stress we provide ongoing opportunities for the animal to see it’s owner until such time that they can be reunited again. Part of minimizing that stress is to have a full understanding as to the temperament and individual needs of an animal.

To be considered for Respite Care with Murillo Mutts the following criteria must be met

  • The owner MUST be in crisis
    • Special consideration given to:
      • Individuals displaced due to Domestic Violence
      • Individuals in hospital with no family to assist
      • Individuals seeking a personal growth program
    • A questionnaire must be completed
    • The animal Must be up to date on vaccinations or the owner is willing to pay for vaccinations
    • Must sign a respite agreement
      • All food must be provided by owner
        • All vet care while in the stay of Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge must be the responsibility of the owner