Dog Adoption

Adopt A Dog

As much as our passion is to keep pet families together, circumstances do arise that prevents this from happening.  Therefore, some of the animals we take into our care will be available for adoption.

To adopt an animal from Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge you must have an approved application, a vet willing to take on your pet, and a home visit. Dog prices range based on age, and whether it is a rehoming and the owner has set the price,

  • Microchip
  • Deworming
  • Spay/neuter done at 10 weeks and older prior to adoption unless our vet recommends waiting like for giant breed dogs
  • Core Vaccinations (Rabies is the responsibility of the adopter for any animal under 16 weeks of age)
  • Vet Check

Due to time constraints, only those who are successful candidates will be contacted.

Every year there are new advancements made to veterinary care, and more treatments are available than ever before. These treatments can be lifesaving but are also expensive. When the unexpected happens, Petsecure lets you focus on what’s important, getting your pet back to their happy healthy selves.

We are a proud partner of Petsecure, a 100% Canadian owned and operated pet insurance company since 1989. Petsecure is dedicated to promoting responsible pet guardianship and caring for your pet’s health and wellness and is pleased to provide a complimentary six-week trial of pet health insurance for your new dog.