A Gem is a Precious Stone, that represents Luck, Energy & Long Life.

Gemma, is a 6 year old King size Malamute.  Her family loves her dearly, but recently life has thrown them an unexpected curve ball. Their first child has been diagnosed with Autism.  The child exhibits loud and rambunctious behaviours.  This has caused Gemma to be very cautious around him.  Therefore, in general Gemma is uncomfortable around children due to these circumstances. There are other children in the family.

The family has made this difficult decision to re-home Gemma. 

Gemma is approximately 100lbs and has high energy.  She loves to run.  She is clever and knows many commands.  She plays well with medium to large size dogs.

Ideally, Gemma needs a home with a fenced yard and owners who have time for her energy and needs.

Understanding the breed is helpful.  She has a “high prey drive” so there should be no small animals in the home.  Recall training would be highly recommended.

Through no fault of her own, Gemma needs a new home. The family is devastated, but is making this decision for the benefit of everyone.

No Judgment Please