Available for Adoption
Meet Buster. He is a 8 year old neutered Poodle. He is not getting along with the other dogs in the house (his children) and he usually comes out on the hurt side of things. Buster needs a new home. It would be best if he was the only animal in the house. As Buster has demonstrated being territorial and protective of his owners and yard he would do best in a home without children and without a lot of visitors. The rescue will work with you and Buster to show how to introduce him to visitors to your home. Prior to adoption, Buster will be vetted and up-to-date on his vaccinations. Buster is crate trained. He enjoys being groomed, car rides, he is affectionate, and playful. Buster enjoys treats and swimming in the water. He also likes to play. He is a little quirky as he goes up and down stairs on 3 legs. The vet says there is no medical reason for this so it’s just a quirk