Timone – 7-8 y.o. Domestic long hair orange. Male neutered. Up to date. Always well groomed.
Food – Urinary food from vet – large bag lasts both cats about 1 1/2 month . Cost is $140.
Most of his teeth are removed.
He has a re occurring UTI that has been going on for years. He will pee outside the litter box when this happens. He has multiple litter boxes. A possible trial of behavioural medication might work. He gets sick on most antibiotics ( vomit / diarrhea). He knows his name and will come to it. He is literally a dog in a cats body. He is the most unique cat and everyone loves him. He is indoor only.
Loves everyone , everything. Cats/ dogs/ kids / humans … everything that moves.

JayJay 6-7 y.o. Has a little bit of food allergies ( this will show up as some build up in his ears). He is a very friendly cat once you get to know him. He is timones right hand man. JayJay is very scared of a lot of men ( although he will come around if he lives with them and he eventually becomes a man’s cat lol). JayJay was abused and therefore he is scared of very sudden movements / men.

A calmer environment will help both of these cats – it might prevent future UTI’s for Timone. The ideal home would be someone who has experience with cats , doesn’t live in a rambunctious home, and who has the ability to bring Timone
To the vet when suspected UTI. Owner would love to visit if possible .