Please say hello to Mr. Diojii, a 13 month old fixed male and a genuine Huskie’s Husky who is looking for a friend to pack with…is that you?

This man is very kind and gentle (with the odd fit of indoor exuberance), he is sooo soft and fluffy (hey it matters!), extremely friendly to adults (have yet to interact with children), and superb around other K9s. He just loves to chase and play with all sizes of dog, he is even mindful towards the small ones and he’ll give them just enough space so they’ll want to keep playing with him. If you are not into long walks, he’ll enjoy the dog parks immensely, and if you do intend to walk he says he’ll take some dog park time too! No walks and no park? One very unhappy and likely very destructive Husky. He’ll start to chew whatever I’m sitting on if he is bored and restless, but is an indoor angel when exercised! Great in the car, loves his head out the rear window even in January:)

He currently has zero recall, so having Diojii on a leash at all times is critical. Unfortunately even our bush walks tweaked his instincts and I found myself running after the 50ft lead dragging behind him…hopefully, given his excellent character and long runway ahead, he will find the person that compels him to stick close and pack together with…I genuinely believe that Diojii has it in him, he only needs a little more maturity and the right 2 legger to keep him company. I’ve tried just leaving him outdoors on a snag proof lead so he could be his Husky self, but the moment I disappear indoors he is at the door wanting in lol, so from my K9 experiences that bodes well for recall, eventually.

Mr. Diojii has a sensitive belly. He is currently on Acana reduced ingredient kibble, the pork and squash variety, which has cured his diarrhea 100%. A 23.8lb bag that costs $108 after tax is lasting Diojii approximately 28-33 days, and I recommend (Mark, not Robin) that he remains on Acana reduced ingredient kibble as you’ll find a long term reduction in your veterinary bills (not to mention diarrhea) using that particular brand…I have personally used Acana reduced ingredient kibble as medicine for years now! Loves marrow bones as well and is especially fond of fish, tuna and salmon seems to do his belly quite nicely.

Mr. Diojii is incredibly easy to have around, doesn’t ask for much, and is house ready immediately so please let your Husky loving friends know that we have an All-Star available right now!