Rooster, from Fort Hope, is only 10 months old. He was brought in as it was clear that he was injured. Rooster has a broken hip. The injury has been left too long so our choices are minimal. We are going to do a Femoral Head Ostectomy which is a surgical operation to remove the head and the neck from the femur. This procedure is performed to alleviate his pain as the hip cannot be repaired. Rooster is scheduled for surgery on Monday November 21, 2022. The estimate just for the procedure is between $2,500-$2,800. The rescue is already heavily in debt, but we always say yes to animals with acute medical needs. However, we need your help. Please consider donating so we can get this guy back up on all fours and ready for his forever family.
You can donate by:
• Etransferring
• Donating through Canada helps
• Calling Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital at 623-3531 and putting money directly on our account.
All donations $20 and over are eligible for a tax receipt. If you would like a tax receipt, please let us know your full name & address if e-transferring or calling our vet