Happy Tails



Casey, born in March 2018, is a wonderful, energetic, and loyal dog whom her current family can no longer keep. She is 65lbs, with a DNA analysis revealing she’s mostly Saint Bernard, with Australian Cattle Dog and Siberian Husky mixed in. She loves humans of all sizes and ages, and gets along great with her current family’s two cats and one dog.

Casey is fixed and house trained. She very much enjoys walks, whether on a street or in the forest. She also loves cuddling and belly rubs.

Casey’s current family adopted her when she was around 15 months old from Thunder Bay Animal Services. The first part of her life was a secluded one, and this has resulted in her being anxious around certain stimuli, like thunder, strong winds, and certain other animals. Regarding animals, Casey simply needs time to become accustomed to them. In addition to the dog and cats she happily lives with, Casey has been introduced to other dogs in training classes she’s taken and friends of the family.

Casey’s current owners would very much like to find her a new home and family by mid-December, before they must move away to a life that would not be in Casey’s best interests. They are happy to have a chat, answer any questions you may have, and arrange meetings to see if Casey and you/your family are good for each other.