“Hi! My name is Alfie, and it’s sure nice to meet you! My foster parents sometimes call me big lug, lumbering ouff, baby bear, fluffy boy anf Alfie Boy!. I am not sure what kind of dog I am, but I do know that I am a big fluffy boy with super soft fur, at least thats what the people giving me pets tell me.

I am a genuinely happy boy who loves walks, even though sometimes I get too excited and pull a little but I do stop when I am told too. My foster parents tell me I am a pretty good listener. I also love to snuggle and take naps at your feet if you will let me (my foster dad sometimes thinks I don’t fit under his work desk, but he is wrong).

Have you heard of this thing called food? It’s amazing and I love it. Sometimes I get a bit of an upset tummy if I eat to quickly, but my slow down bowl makes sure that doesn’t happen. Treats are pretty awesome too and I will do tricks for them, like giving you my paw for a shake and sit like a good boy. Sometimes I need a little reminder to be gentle when I take it, still a puppy, I get a little too excited.

I am pretty smart and can recognize things like a tim hortons cup, because sometimes my foster parents bring me a plain timbit, those are yummy. They are also working on my training to leave it be until I have permission to take it, which I am proud to say I am doing good at. I am usually pretty good at coming when my foster parents call, I think it helps that my foster sister gives me a good example.

I am fully house trained and will let you know if I need to go outside, and don’t worry I don’t like going outside in the middle of the night, and am good from bed time till morning. I am also pretty good with my kennel, sometimes I am not a huge fan of being in it, but if you leave me with a toy I’ll be okay.

I love people, they are awesome, especially when they give me pets and belly rubs. I try to mind my manners and not jump up, but sometimes I get too excited and forget, sorry. I like to play with children and love getting their loving, but don’t really like it when they yell too loud, it makes me nervous.

I also enjoy going to the dog park, there are people there who show me loving and other puppers. I am pretty good with the other puppers, and try my best when I am playing to remember my size, especially with the puppers my age. I don’t know how I am cats (my foster dad is alergic) but I am pretty sure I will be okay with them.

I have all of my vaccinations, I am microchipped and neutered. I am up to date on tick treatment medication for this year.

I hope to meet you soon so that you can shake my paw and get to know me,