“Hi! My name is Alfie, and it’s sure nice to meet you! I am a big fluffy pupper who likes walks with my future pawrent(s) and enjoys cuddles when ever I can get them.

I love food, did I mention that? Sadly I have a slightly sensitive tummy though so only my specific dog food and treats agree with me. Luckily its a normal brand available at our local Petsmart though! I get so excited when eating that I need to eat out of my slow feeder bowl or my kong dispenser to slow me down so that I don’t get an upset stomach.

Sit, down, and shake a paw I am pretty great at. I am working on stay, heel, leave it, and go to place. They are coming along nicely! I have gone to puppy training class and I love learning new things, they even tell me I am smart !

I am fully house trained and don’t need to go out in the middle of the night to do my business. I can last from 9:30 at night to 7 in the morning the next day. To let you know that I need to go do my business I may get a little barky and then I will go to the back door and wait for you.

I am an active dog that likes playing with other dogs that I know or going for walks. I also enjoy swimming and the water. I am getting better at loose leash walking, I do get excited by squirrels or other animals on my walks though and may need to be food lured as a redirect so I forgot about them. What’s a dog to do? Can you blame me! I mean SQUIRREL!

I am great around people and have had some experience around small children.

I have all of my vaccinations, I am microchipped and neutered. I am up to date on tick treatment medication for this year.

Some of my favourite things to do can be napping or sleeping around the house after walks, Do you wanna nap with me!? I also love getting belly rubs, who doesn’t? Car rides are enjoyable for me and I mostly just lay down and sleep. I just love playing with my toys, SQUEAK!

I can get nervous around too many dogs but if I meet them one on one to start I am fine. Once I know the dog I do enjoy play time! I do get anxious when left by myself for longer periods of time and sadly I am not the biggest fan of crates. Lastly as a 9 month pupper sometimes I do like to chew but if you get me a toy or a bone (even better!!!!) I am completely content.

I hope to meet you soon so that you can shake my paw and get to know me,