My name is Molly and I am husky x. I think I am 6-8 months old. I am a female. I also like Children. I am fun and just a good puppy. Without a doubt one of the sweetest doggies.
What does she like:
• Playing with children
Playing with other dogs 🐕
• Playing keep away (we are working on this)
• Loves to be chased 💨
• Other people once she takes a couple of minutes to get used to them.
• Crate trained 🏠
• She is learning not to mouth on people
• She is learning and doing well with not chasing kitties. 😺
• She is being taught not to do her business in the house. She needs supervision and regular opportunities to do her business outside 🚽
• Although she likes to have fun, she also likes to hug and cuddle with her human. ❤️🥰
If you think you can give me my perfect home apply below