Hi, my big boy Husky name is Taqulik (duck-who-lick)- but I respond when you call me ‘Ducky’.
I’m still a puppy so I’m looking for a home that will remember that and have patience with teaching me and letting me out to go potty.
I forget how big I am sometimes, and I love kids, so it would be best if your kids were a bit taller.

I am very FOOD motivated, so if I forget the rules just ask me to sit and give me some of my kibbles. It gets me back on track.

I love play time, especially with squeaky toys and the other dogs in my foster home.
Wrestling and tug are my favourites!
I have good manners with the older grumpy dog here but not so good manners with the cat. (Sorry cat!)

I really love walks too.
My foster Mom has been using a front-clip harness and taking me to explore all over the place. It makes me sleepy for a nap.