Oh yes. It’s time! Now accepting applications for Bernard, the St. Bernard. He is best suited to a home with children 12 and up.
Is your home lacking in entertainment? Are you struggling with finding reasons to get off the couch? Well lucky for you, I can fix that.
First, I was born on February 11, 2022. I am a St. Bernard/Newfie cross. I am reddish-brown in colour, but I do have a little black running through my fur. I currently weight in at. I am vaccinated (age appropriate) and microchipped.
What do you know about Newfoundlands and St. Bernards? What I can tell you is these are both giant breeds. That means when I grow up, I could be between 64-82kg. My life expectancy is between 8-10 years. We are very trainable, gentle, and sweet-tempered. For a puppy, my foster mom says I am chilled.
At times, she calls me a land shark. That’s because I am constantly trying to bite my humans or their clothes. I am learning that this is not allowed but I still try to get away with it when I can.
My foster mom has taught me that if I want to be petted and given attention I must sit on my bum. I am so smart that she hasn’t even had to ask me anymore. I know exactly what she wants, and I do it because I sometimes get a tasty treat too. I am food motivated.
I really want to play with the cats. I want to chase them and lick them. This is also not allowed. Usually when I try to get the cats, they call my name and I come running. Again, it sometimes means I might get a tasty treat.
When I first came into my foster home, I had tummy trouble. Now, I have been cleared. However, my foster mom thinks that I will have sensitivities to food and possible food allergies. Apparently all this means is it might be expensive to feed me what I need to eat.
Besides chewing on everything I love to be outside in the snow. The other day when the fresh snow came, I crawled my way through all of it. I like to sleep outside in the snow, but my foster mommy makes me come in. She says that if I am doing this as a young pup, I will probably enjoy being outside most of the time. This doesn’t mean I want to be an exclusively outside dog, it just means that I am looking for a home with a fenced yard and lots of property. I love my walks and sniffing new and exciting things.
When I need to go to bed, I go in my crate. Sometimes I still cry for a minute or two but then I settle in with my toy or chewy. During the day if my foster mom can’t be home, she puts on music. For some reason it always makes me fall asleep. I still can’t get through the night without getting up to go outside but I am going longer all the time. When I must go it’s like now! I go to the door, and I am let outside. I only have a few accidents in the house, but I blame the humans for not paying attention.
I like car rides but usually I just put my head down and go to sleep. I am too little to jump in the car or on the furniture either.
Well? I know I sound perfect. That’s because I am!
As a rescue, we want to try and do our best to decrease the pet population. Normally, every animal is spayed/neutered prior to going to their forever home. We will not be neutering Bernard before he is adopted. There will be a very strict contract regarding my adopter’s responsibility in this regard. Additionally, we are going to mandate training as he will be a very strong dog. We have already approached a Positive reinforcement, force free and fear free certified trainer to aid in the process.