Hi my name is Alfie, they tell me I am a German Shephard cross, but my foster parents are pretty sure there is Newfie and Husky in me. Even though I am still just a babv (only 4 months old) as you can see in the photo with my foster sister Charlie (who is 8 months) I am the same size and still growing.
When I first got to my foster parents home, I definitely was a land shark and loved to put things in my mouth and bite, sorry I was teething. Even though I still am teething I am getting much better at that, and now kind of nip at you to let you know you should pay attention to me, but I definitely don’t bit down.
I am very good at letting you know that I need to go outside and do my business, I haven’t had any accidents for weeks now. All I ask is that you give me my treat when I come back in from doing my business, and yes I will sit pretty for it and be gentle taking it from you. I am also very good at going to my kennel when you need to leave the house, I might whine a little about it and let you know when you come home that you should let me out, but I will do it, and probably nap while your gone.
My favourite thing in the world is food, I love this stuff. I know I need to go to my kennel to eat it, and I should probably slow down, but man I love food. My fotser mom says its cause I am a growing boy and need lots to keep growing big. My second favourite thing is people. I love people and I love getting pets from people. My foster parents take me on walks and I just have to say hi to the people we see. They take me to the dog park near by too, and yes I like the dogs, but man people there are just so awesome and give me lots of pets. Sometimes I get excited on the leash and start to pull a bit when my foster parents walk me, but I don’t pull too bad at all. My foster dad says thats cause I more trot than walk, something about being horse like. I think he says that because I have some pretty big paws and they think I am going to be a big boy.
My foster family keeps calling me a snow dog, probably because I love being outside and playing in the snow. I like to play outside lots with my foster sister Charlie in the big fenced in yard they have. My foster family also has a pretty active kid in the house, he’s fun, I like to get pets from him and chase him around and play with the toys with him. Since my foster dad is allergic to cats, I don’t really know what they are like or if I will like them. I like my foster sister, their dog Charlie, she is fun to horse around with and wrestle with. The foster parents tell me sometimes to calm it down because I guess we get a little too riled up and start baring too many teeth, but then we calm down again and have our fun.
My foster parents tell me I am too smart for my own good, I already figured out how to move stuff with my nose to get into places I am probably not supposed to be. However, they tell me that I am pretty good for training, I already know tricks like sit and boop the snoot (where I gently touch my nose to yours). I am not so good with stay, probably because they are trying to train me with food, and I love that stuff too much. I usually come when I am called, and I like to snuggle, when I am not laying in the sun napping.