Josee is a senior sweetie.  Unfortunately, as a DLH she came in on October 6, 2021 very matted and had to be sedated and groomed.  She is also overweight so we are working on this as well.

Hello, my name is Miss Josee I’m a shapely gal with a lovely swagger. My favorite thing in the world is food, hence my figure, but I’ve recently learned to control that with a special diet ( still get cranky at times). I adore cuddles, especially if you’re so inclined to give me a fabulous massage and hold my paw after, till I fall asleep in your lap. I may even give you some licks and tender love bites along with loud purring for your efforts. Oh, don’t forget the blanket. I insist on a blanket in your lap, more cushy that way. I do still enjoy a bit of play time, simply break out the string and let’s have some fun shall we. At night I have been known to play around a bit. My favorite thing is to open cupboard doors and have a peak (never causing a problem/mess). I’m totally devoted to you once I’m comfortable with you, I’ll even insist on checking on you while you are in the bathroom. It’s just a courtesy 😉 since you tend to me and mine. I have been around well behave small dogs, for which i did keep my claws to myself. I’m looking for a low key, quiet and loving home. In return, you’ll receive my undying love and attention. Hope to meet you soon. 💜