This sweet puppy is a husky/Shepherd Cross.  He is only 8 months old.  Although I don’t usually comment a lot about how we get dogs into our care, I am going to make an exception.  This dog was physically attacked by his owner.  Yes, Authorities are involved.

Axel is a sweet natured puppy who loves belly scratches and time outside. He likes to sleep in the morning but gets lots of energy in the afternoon. 
He loves new friends including other dogs, cats and people! He’s learning to be a good listener and respond to commands. With some dedicated time and training he would be a super star student in no time! 
Axel is learning to feel safe on his own. He’s going through some growing pains in the meantime and might appreciate a household with another dog or pet for company. 
He loves bounding in the snow and exploring new smells so he’d be a good match for someone outdoorsy and adventurous. Whoever he gets paired with will be rewarded with affection, loyalty and cuddle