As you can see from my pictures I am a handsome boy. I am a two year old pitty cross. I am shy, and a bit anxious whenever I meet anyone new. We are working on introducing me to people and new things. I have a sweet disposition . I have been around kittens, dogs and even one very reactive dog. I don’t react to any of them but I am trying to learn to play with other dogs if they are around and are nice. I do prefer to be around me person and I will pick you. I love playing ball and bring it back most of the time. I don’t really like snow and hate being cold so for now, I don’t like to be outside for very long. Maybe I will like it better in the summer. Despite my size I am a lap dog and love cuddling. I am still working on my manners. When I am excited I jump even though I have been taught not to. I also need more time with learning to leash walk safely. It should be noted that Purge is on a lamb based food due to allergies. A raw diet might be best for him. He was recently neutered at the vet and it was determined that his skin is quite sensitive. If you are looking for a gorgeous, large dog with a sweet disposition. Don’t look any further. I am your guy