This is the story of some very sad dogs.  Unfortunately for these two dog, their owner passed away.  Our job is to tell you about them and hope that they can find their forever homes.  Bolt is a red chow mix.  He was born in July 2012. True to his name, whenever he is given the chance he will bolt and run.  Usually if you offer him a car ride he will come back.  Although Bolt loves his brother Teddy, he does not care for other dogs.  It will be really important that his new family understand this. Even if out on a walk, Bolt is very reactive towards other dogs.  Although not a fan of dogs he sure loves kids and people though.  Cats are unknown at this time. Teddy on the other hand is a tri colour pure bred Papillon who was born on December 3, 2014.  Teddy is wonderful with everything but prefers to be with his big brother Bolt.  WE WILL NOT SEPARATE this pair of senor dogs.  If you think you can give them an ideal home based on their needs, please apply below