Through no fault of his own, Todd is back.  He has a new name and his current owner says Timber would like to say this about himself. HI my name is Timber, I am a 14 week old German Shepard and maybe Lab mix. I love long walks and
playing with sticks and balls and being chased in the backyard. I am slowly learning to walk on my leash without pulling whoever is walking me at full speed all the time. I also love cuddles, belly rubs and anyone who will give me all of their attention at all time. I know how to sit, come when called and slowly learning to stay when told so. I am almost fully potty trained but still have the odd accident. I love chewing on anything and everything but am slowly learning what I can and cannot chew on. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. It takes me 10-15 mins when meeting new dogs but once I am comfortable with them I love playing and chasing other dogs. I am a high energy dog but once my energy is gone I love to cuddle and just hangout at home.