When we posted for this dog we were blown away by the response from the public to help. The people who were in possession of this dog surrendered the dog to Murillo Mutts on September 7, 2021. We secured an emergency appointment on September 8th and I am happy to report that all of the mats were removed. 2lbs of Mats to be precise. However, he will require an extensive dental surgery, neuter, and a possible tumor removed from his anus. His dental and neuter were completed on September 27th and he is now looking for his forever home.

Chasin is a very loyal dog. He tends to be protective of his person. His foster mum is his person right now and he has not left her side since he came to live with her. He currently is sharing his foster mum with her two small dogs. They tolerate each other, but there is clearly some jealousy among them all. Chasin responds to ‘Chase’ as well. He is still not fully trusting and often shows the signs of being uncomfortable.
The house is QUIET with just the dogs and foster mum; HOWEVER, if someone comes to visit, Chasin barks and if the person is scared of him he doesn’t stop. His foster mum is not sure how to socialize Chasin and believes he would be very happy with one owner as an only dog. She believes that without other dogs around Chasin could be socialized to accept visitors to his home.
Chasin is loved by his foster family and will be able to stay with them until the perfect person adopts him. The person should be patient, kind, and preferably able to help socialize Chasin. Because of his unpredictable nature he should not be left alone with small children.
Therefore we are looking for an older couple with a calm household and no children or other pets for this 7 year old Maltese Cross.