Kotah – Not Available

Koda is a beautiful Great Dane/GSD mix who is about 1 year old.
She is a big girl, weighing in at 80lbs, but every pound of Koda is gentle and kind! She loves everybody
she meets, from the FedEX guy; to the census worker; to every person she meets on the street. Her love
extends to all the dogs she’s met, even the snappy little ones who live next door! She has not had the
opportunity to meet any cats.
Koda is working on her manners and has been doing great at learning not to jump, pull on a leash,
mouth hands or bark when she’s being ignored. She is young so her new family will need to keep
working with her to improve her manners but she’s so smart and happy to learn, it won’t be hard!
Koda is a big girl but she has a lot of energy. She loves her daily walks and will remind her foster mom
when it’s time to go. She also loves a good game of fetch, either on land or in the water. Koda
absolutely LOVES the water and plays daily in her kiddie pool! She also enjoys going for nightly swims by
her foster home. Koda loves to adventure with her foster family so an active family is a must!
Koda loves her people and does have some separation anxiety. She is currently being crated when her
foster family leaves and is happy to go in with the right treat. She wants to be with her family so when
they are home, she has full access to the house and tends to follow them around. She sleeps with her
foster family and will sleep through the night at their feet.
Koda is house trained but does have spay incontinence. She currently on medication to control it and
will likely need to take it once a week for the rest of her life. Her body is unable to hold in urine when
she’s completely relaxed but the medication helps to control this. When it does happen, it is not
intentional and she will wake confused about what happened and why she’s wet. She will need a family
who will show patience when this happens as it is not her fault.
Koda is really a sweet girl that will steal your heart in a moment. She will make an amazing family dog
and companion for life.