Hi everybody.  I am a 6 year old Havanese Shitzu.  My story so far has not been a happy one.  I was originally with an owner who rehomed me.  I ended up with Jim.  Jim was awesome.  We were two peas in a pod.  Then Jim was sick and I went to stay with Jim’s friend Johnny.  Johnny was great but I was anxious for my dad to come back home.  Johnny told me my dad would not be coming home as he went up to heaven.  Johnny reached out to this amazing rescue.  They took one look at me and my behaviours and said, “She needs a vet.”  As soon as the vet seen me I was scheduled for surgery.  I had bladder stones and some bad teeth.  I am all fixed up now but I have to stay on special food so the bladder stones do not come back.  I am looking for a quiet home.  When I bond with my human I want to be with them always.  Johnny says I am an appendage but I don’t know what that means.  I am scared of big dogs and do not want to live with any.  The rescue says a young, retired couple with no children would best suit my needs as long as they take me wherever they go.  I have a wonderful personality and I am sweet and happy.  The rescue says I am a perfect dog but I need some socialization.  If you think you can offer me your home and meet my needs please let the rescue know by filling out an application.