Romeo is a sweet 12-year-old Corgi Lab cross. Don’t let his age fool you, this little fella can get around! He loves adventures and has been recently to Trowbridge Falls, Boulevard Lake, Centennial Park, and the Tree Farm. He knows all the local areas well and will recognize where he is headed!
Romeo is also a professional cuddler and does just fine on his days inside snuggled-up. He may have some age-related hearing loss, however, he can recognize “walk”, “car ride”, and “treats” from another room. He is on hard food which is soaked in water with added Omega-3 oils for his skin. He has been cleared by the vet and has an age-related heart murmur. He would benefit from a tooth cleaning by the vet.
This little guy has a whole lot of love to give and will benefit from a semi-active home that can walk him a couple of times per day. If you are looking for an older dog to love Romeo should be on your list!