Well, my foster mom tells me that it is time for me to find my forever family so I have to tell you all about me.  I am a 6 month old male American Black Lab.  The first thing you need to know is I love water.  I love to go in the pool.  If there is a water dish inside or outside of the house, I like to splash in it until all the water disappears.  My foster mom does not like me to do this as she has to do a lot of mopping when this happens.  I am trying to control my urges.  I am a puppy and I am being taught something called “manners.”  This means I am not allowed to jump on anyone.  I am suppose to sit for attention.  I try but if I am really excited or if something smells really good (soft cat food) I sometimes can’t resist.  Speaking of cats, what are they exactly.  I am not allowed to chase them.  But I want to chase them when they run.  I also try to lick them but they don’t like that either.  I have met two pigs who seem a bit scary.  But not as scary as the big horses although I am getting better about trusting where my foster mom leads me.  I am almost 100% housetrained.   When I first came into rescue they were happy as long as I did my business outside.  Now they are working on me NOT doing my business on the deck.  Hoomans have a lot of rules.  I have learnt loose leash walking, sit, sit for attention, down, touch, wait.  OHH I almost forgot.  I love car rides and I settle right in and go to sleep.  At night and for afternoon nap I sleep in this large plastic thing with my huge teddy bear.  Mom says, “Crate” I go in and then I get treats.  I have a sleep and then get to play again.  I love all dogs even if they don’t love me.  My favourite thing is people.  Young or old I love them all.  Foster mom says that my new house must have the following: Regular access to the water so someone with a camp will be considered over someone in an apartment.  I need an active family but no young children under 10 as I am still working on my manners.  I would like a fenced yard to do my zoomies in.  Foster mom says she will like someone who will do puppy training with me.  Do you think you would like to be my forever family?