Hi! My name is Minnie!  My new Mommy calls me Minnie Me, Minnie Moo Moo and Minnie Poo Poo! I am an Olde English Bulldog that was owner surrendered due to no fault of my own. I am calm, mellow and gentle.  I am spayed and up to date on vaccinations. I just had to get tick meds and the lyme disease shot.

 I am not food aggressive but I am a glutton.  If I could, I would eat all day. I am allergic to chicken so I get special lamb and pea recipe kibble. With my kibble, my Mommy makes me fresh – every week – a brown rice, veggies, hard boiled eggs and tuna to supplement my kibble for more nutrients. And by the way, I whine every morning before breaky and every night before din din! And I DROOL when I know there is food around. I also love cheese strings wrapped in smoked salmon, which Mom and I have for an afternoon snack sometimes.

Mommy gives me frozen beef soup bones…I LOVE THEM!  She says the marrow is good for my skin and bones. 

I do love going for walks but not like 5 miles or anything, or going 50 miles an hour. Mom and I keep a good pace together and I never pull on the harness or bark at other dogs or humans. We go to the park or out in the back yard to play fetch which I love, but when I’m done, I’m done!  Then I sleep for hours.  I travel so well, that nobody even knows I am in the back seat. I love car rides.

CAMP!  OH EM GEE – I WAS SO EXCITED! When Mom and Baba took me out there for the first time, I knew I was with my furever family. The lake was heavenly and I was so good because I didn’t have to be on a leash and listened to my Mommy the whole time I was there….I will never leave my Mom, EVER!  I am a Velcro puppy. LOL

I am so happy that Me and Mommy were a foster fail.  We are a match that was definitely made to happen.

Minnie and Me