Meet Petey!  Petey is a one-year-old Boxer Mix who came to us through an owner surrender.  He’s 85lbs and is neutered and fully vaccinated! 

Petey fosters describe him as a “goofball” but you’ll need to give him some time to see this full personality.  Petey is quiet and shy when faced with new people, places or situations but if able to explore them at his own pace, he soon relaxes and shows his true self!

Petey, like many young dogs, loves his toys, watching for squirrels and birds, playing in the snow, chasing his ball and napping. He loves a good bone and will entertain himself with one or another toy. He is an active guy, but loves to curl up with his favourite person just as much.

With people he has met before, he is respectful and greets family well.  New people will need to give him the time to feel comfortable with them and decide he’s ready to say hello!  He has been cautious with new people but has met and greeted many new friends while with his foster family. 

Petey’s first year was sheltered and he is still learning how to adapt to being outside. He is comfortable in his foster family’s backyard but it did take a week for him to feel like it was a safe space for him. Any new environments will need to be introduced slowly and with patience.  He goes on walks but these too are at his own pace – he is permitted to stop and look, change directions and is positively reinforced throughout his walks.  Over time and with proper training we know he can overcome his hesitation on walks just as he did with the backyard!

Due to COVID, Petey hasn’t been tested being alone for long periods of time but he has done well over short bursts as well as overnight.  He has been crated but is not a fan (will go in for dehydrated hotdogs) 

Petey’s ideal home would include a yard with a fence.  He would thrive best with patient people who are looking for a gentle soul as their next companion.  Some dog experience, particularly with shy/nervous dogs, would be preferred.  He has not shown any aggressive behavours toward people or other dogs. 

Petey has lived with children but he does not like loud noises or unexpected touch so our preference would be for families with 14+ children.  He has lived and met other dogs but we are not sure if he is cat friendly.