This wonderfully happy boy is approximately 5-7 years old.  He is a shepherd cross.  Kingston is a very lovable dog, with the most expressive face you’ve ever seen! Watch his ears for “Happy Ears!” and “sad ears 🙁

Kingston really loves people and doesn’t bark at people — or wildlife.  He also loves to play with other dogs.  Other dogs who are snappy generally do not get a rise out of Kingston although he will defend himself if absolutely necessary.    He loves walks (should have two good walks per day) and is always very shocked when we turn around to head back home. He often needs a minute to get over the disappointment before he’ll start moving again!    Kingston can get very freaked out by being locked in his crate (and has even managed to get out of a locked crate without unlatching the door!). But on the bright side, one of his favourite games is sit, down, come, and wait practice. With regular practice, he will wait in his crate fairly patiently with the door open or closed. The door closed wait can transition into leaving the house quite successfully! By contrast, putting him in his crate and leaving without a bit of a preceding wait game is not so successful. Kingston would do best if he was crated while his owners are not home with him and at bedtime (presently at least).  Currently, without any prompting, Kingston goes right into his crate for bedtime. Kingston is undergoing some training in leash walking and should only be walked with a harness.  He’s getting better at walking, although will forget his manners for the first few minutes, in the excitement .Kingston would do best in a home with someone who is home more than they are away.  They should be somewhat physically active.  Patience and training will be ongoing with this boy.  He is good with kids, cats, other dogs, horses, and pigs.

He is usually quiet in the house and will lay nearby when you’re working. He loves attention, though, and he’ll let you know when he wants some. He is very, very sweet. He often gets the afternoon zooms and playing sit, down, come, wait for a few minutes will make him very happy! He doesn’t even require treats to give this game his full attention! A walk will also do the trick!
Kingston loves his food and will gulp it down quickly! But he will wait until you give him the OK. If you’re eating, you can tell him to go and he should leave you alone although we are still working on this