UPDATE ADOPTED Cameron is a sweet boy who was surrendered by his family due to an episode.  We immediately took Cameron to the vet to be checked out.  Cameron is a very healthy boy except he tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).  There is usually a long asymptomatic period before there are symptoms.  It is important to prolong this asymptomatic period by using some sensible precautions. Isolation of an FIV+ cat is not necessary in a stable household unless the FIV+ cat is likely to fight with the other residents.  FIV+ cats are not to go outside as they can they spread the disease and to minimize their exposure to infectious diseases.  Uncooked foods can include parasites and pathogens and may make an FIV+ cat sick. This sweet boy loves cuddles and snuggles and is looking for a great family.  If you are a great family and want to add an additional member to your family please submit your application