UPDATE ADOPTED Hi! everyone, my name is Nova.

I thought I would introduce myself and paint you a picture that would describe me and what I like to do. I am a 6 year old Lab mix and I weigh 30 kg. Since living with my foster mom for the past 2 weeks, I have been spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and de-wormed, and I already feel like a new dog. I am looking for a long-term relationship in a furever home with someone kind, loving and fun.

About me:

My main focus is sharing all the love I have to give with greetings at the door and lots of kisses. Sometimes I love to be active and other times I love to chill. I am the perfect balance between being outdoorsy, a cuddle bug and a couch potato.

Activities I enjoy include: daily walks, which I am passionate about, especially if there is a field and a ball involved. I need to wear a harness as I am still a work in progress and tend to pull when my curiosity peaks. Otherwise, I am a joy to walk and play with. I get extra excited about car rides and I like to sit in the back like a lady with poise and grace. Your security comes natural to me and I will bark if anyone comes to the door to warn you.

Did I mention I have skills? I am a smart girl. I am trained to sit, stay and shake a paw. I am working on the laying down on command but I’m a little confused, cuz I lay down all the time. I will let you know when I need to go outside to do my business by going to the door and looking at you. If you don’t notice me, I will cry a bit to get your attention. I like to take my time outside as, well you know, I love being outside. When I want water, I will stand beside the sink and again look at you.

I like to dine twice a day and for the most part I eat my dog food. I especially like it with white rice and/or plain greek yogurt mixed in. Hamburger, chicken, eggs and cheese are all top of my list but tuna is my utmost favourite. I will even sit beside you, wanting to help, when I hear you opening up the can. Give me a treat and I’ll follow you anywhere. My go to is “Zoe” Tender Chunks with chicken and parmesan. Treats, mixed with positive reinforcement provide me with incentive to learn.

Don’t be surprised if you find me acting like a goofball or being dorky when I want to play. I will bring the ball to you, put it on the floor and then do silly things til you pay attention to me. Stuffed animals that are squeaky are fun but playing tug of war is my jam…and I like to win! I also enjoy looking out the big front window to see what is happening outside.

I love to be loved and give you love. Sometimes without warning, I will jump on the couch just to cuddle with you and give you some lovin. I like you to scratch behind my ears or rub my belly. Mostly, I prefer to lay on my doggie bed in the room and keep you company. I sleep throughout the night and I like to nap in the day as well. I do not like my kennel and all the treats and toys in the world would not get me to enjoy it. I am fine alone when you leave me but don’t forget to close doors where I could be tempted. I have a tendency to go on your bed, curl up and pull the blankets over me.

All in all, I am a well rounded, quiet, intelligent, and friendly companion that will provide you with unconditional love.

Enough about me now. Could you be my person/family? Rest assured I will make a wonderful addition to you furever home. If interested please fill out an application at .