Hi!  My name is Stormy.  I look like a white storm or that I am having a bad hair day.  I am 9 months old.  Unlike my brother Tootsie, my hormones aren’t raging. I am sweet and don’t bite.  My favorite foods are cucumber, red pepper, romaine lettuce and Kale,  OMG I love Kale.  I do not like apples, strawberries or celery.  I still get scared if you pick me up and walk around but do well if cuddled in a blanket.

We are being rehomed as our loving mom lives in a place without adequate heat.  Even though it hurt her heart, she has decided we would be safer and healthier in another environment.  I say “we” as I come from a home with Tootsie and Patches who are also being rehomed.  I would do best being rehomed with Tootsie

If you are interested in giving me a home or all of us a home, please call the rescue at 807-939-1855