My name is Buddy, and I am a 7-year-old Alaskan Malamute/Akita/ I come from a remote community where I was always tied up in the front of my house.  They thought I was a mean dog as I was trying to protect my space.  They decided to fly me out of the community and forced me into a small kennel.  To say the least, I was not impressed. I don’t like to be confined and I am a big guy so any kennel would seem small to me.

I came up to Thunder Bay and initially enjoyed being outside for most of the day (it was warm out) and then slept inside the kennel.  I only barked when my favourite foster dad would come outside as I had to let him know I was outside.  Then I decided to come into the house for short visits at first but then I decided I liked living in the house.  I don’t cause any trouble when I am left alone.  I currently live with 4 dogs and 8 cats, 2 horses and a pig.

I came in a little chunky, but I am looking pretty good these days.  I was placed on a good weight management food and went on many walks with lots of different people. I have had lots of great adventures.  Once I took myself on an adventure, but I decided I liked where I was and came back all on my own.

I think I have sowed my wild ways and I am ready to settle down.  I am looking for a very specific home in which I can live out my days.  I am a protector, so I like to go slow when meeting people outside.  I also love attention and will put my head on your lap when I feel like I need a little lovin.  I like children but they like to hug me and that stuff and I really don’t like that.  I think I would prefer a home where there weren’t young children

Quiet Country Home √

Walks are a Must √

Cats √

Other Dogs √ However I prefer to have my family to myself

I am usually pretty laid back until you bring out tennis balls

Lifetime supply of Tennis Balls √ Mandatory