Hello there, everyone. I want to share some information about myself with you. Yes, as you can see from my images, I am rather handsome and attractive. I’m a good dog with a few peculiarities. I’m an almost three-year-old Boxer Springer Spaniel. I’ve been crate-trained, house-trained, and am familiar with basic instructions and some recall. I’m also fine with kids and all dogs, but new people give me the creeps, so all introductions must be taken slowly. I’m currently learning that if the doorbell rings, I should go to my kennel until I feel safe. It’s also vital to note that I dislike water, so swimming is not an option but I’m sure with some directions I might get use to it. I’m a big boy who thinks I’m a lap dog and believes cats are beneath me, therefore I wouldn’t fit in with a cat household. I’m searching for an active and loving home where I can go for lots of walks and stay in shape while still getting lots of hugs, but if you have a very chaotic household that would be too much for me, so no thanks. If you would like to learn more about me please fill out an application.